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If you have spent a great deal of money on those wooden or tile floors, then you are going to do everything you can to protect that investment. Many homeowners choose to use area rugs as a means to protect their flooring, often spending a good deal of money for these rugs to match their d├ęcor and keep their home looking the way they want it to be. While area rugs are a great way to protect your wood or tile flooring, they themselves often take quite a beating, becoming extremely dirty and stained despite your best efforts to keep them clean. If your area rugs are in need of a good cleaning, then why not allow our company here at Carpet Cleaning Bellevue clean your rugs for you.

Two Rug Cleaning Options For You

Carpet cleaning Bellevue knows how precious your time is, so we offer two options to meet your rug cleaning needs. Our first option is the traditional rug cleaning approach, where we come to your home bringing with us our state of the art cleaning equipment and organic cleaners. Just like our carpet cleaning services, we will clean those area rugs under your watchful eye, while you go about doing your other chores or enjoying time with your family.

Our second option is for those people who simply don’t want to be confined at home while their area rugs are being cleaned. We will come to your home free and pick up those area rugs free of charge, bring them to our facility clean them and repair any holes or fringe issues, and then return them to you normally within 5 to 7 days after pick up.

All Types of Rugs

Our skilled rug cleaning technicians are trained to clean all different types of area rugs including:

  • Handmade or machine made
  • Natural and synthetic fibers
  • Silk
  • Shag
  • Japanese
  • Wool
  • Florati
  • Persian
  • Turkish

In many cases we restore those area rugs to 90% of their like new condition. We are extremely dedicated to bringing your area rugs back to life without fading those bright colors or damaging your rug fibers.

Our Organic Cleaners Make a Huge Difference

One of the things that makes our rug cleaning so exceptional is the fact that we use gentle, yet powerful organic cleaners to clean your area rugs. These cleaners do an excellent job of removing dirt, stains, and odors while being safer for children and pets than chemical cleaners other rug companies use. Best of all our organic cleaners won’t run those bright rug colors together and won’t leave any chemical residue behind that can dull those colors.

Get a Free Estimate

How much cleaning those area rugs costs will depend on the number and size of rugs that need cleaned as well any repairs that need to be done. However, you don’t have to hire our services blind as we offer free estimates for rug cleaning services.

If your area rugs are looking a little worse for wear and you know a good cleaning will help, then why not give us a call at 425-947-5760 or speak to our online representative and we would be more than happy to give you an estimate or schedule an appointment to clean your rugs or pick up them to clean them at our facility.


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